Duplicate Column Settings

A “duplicate column with same settings” action would increase dramatically tables creation productivity.
Such as “duplicate field” in Airtable.

I searched a lot but I didn’t see this request popping out: am I the only one who need it (or I simply didn’t find it… :thinking:)?

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:


:raising_hand_man: Yes please! Quiet a few times I’d have found that feature useful!

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This :point_up:. I’ve tried numerous times in the past to copy-and-paste a whole column, before realizing only the cell data pastes (not the column format/settings).

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Yes. +1. I’ve wanted this often.

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Yes. +1. I’ve wanted this often.

8 and more slider columns have to done one by one via hand.


just stopping by to say BIG yes please! (found this post while googling how to duplicate a column which i had assumed would be easy :sob:)

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+1 would be useful!

Replicating a column multiple times gets cumbersome (especially with with complex settings)

This seriously needs to be done, I know Coda team is evolving but it’s been 9 months since the request and it isn’t yet implemented even though it should have been since the beta

I agree - this really needs to be done! Every time I have a select or a number column (for example, preparing a yearly budget) I run into this.

It’s irritating that I have to start from plain text every time and then fill in the details and change the column settings 1 field at a time.

I estimate you could save your customers 4-5 minutes per page if you do this

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Even just letting the user “Copy a Column” and then paste the column so that only the name needs to be changed. Instead – especially if you have a unique column type where you want to not only edit the column type, but also the options of the sub-type – this can become very arduous.

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I was searching for a Duplicate Field somewhere, no later than yesterday :sweat_smile: .

As I couldn’t find it, I also think it would be a great and very useful addition :blush: !

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This feature would’ve probably saved me a couple of hours already.

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even adding columns with a button or other action.
dupplicating most settings and setting specific elements.

My use case
I want to create a table with a column for each week.

at the end of the year adding the weeks for next year would be nice (and hiding the weeks of last year)

Hi @Pieter_Lesage,

I appreciate your support for the request (I’m confident that - sooner or later - we will see it).

However, if your table structure has to change periodically, maybe it’s a sign you have to transpose your data into columns and then just display them grouped by.
If you want to share your use-case, I’d be happy to have a look.