Mass edit column type/format

Moving to Suggestions based on feedback.

I have some large tables with a mixture of numbers, percentages and monetary value (£). It’s a bit of a faff to have to go into each column and change the type of column and the sub type (eg number > currency > currency options > £).

Is there a way to mass edit column types, or is there a format painter to copy column style from one column to another?


Dear @Jonathan_Richardson,

For the time being Coda only offers you to duplicate a certain column, so that you continue with the same format as the initial one.

When you import tables Coda tries to find the right column setting, but it’s unfortunately not 100% accurate as it always remains a guess to understand what is your intention with the data you use.

Obviously you could more this post under the suggestions category :thinking:

Cheers, have moved it.

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