My Almost-Fully-Automated Reading Tracker

Hi :wave: :blush: !

I just wanted to share with you the reading tracker I’ve built :blush:.

For some context, I discovered Coda by chance, maybe 2 months ago, searching something completely different.
I didn’t test it right away because at that time, I had no idea of a database I could use as a test drive.

But then I began to read Spawn, a comics which I bought as “Collected”.

Usually, I use an app’ on my phone to track my readings, but, because there’s no page numbers in the comics, I couldn’t use it (well, I didn’t want to have to count each page I just read, I just wanted to enjoy the Comic :wink:)
Plus, AFAIK, despite being an excellent app’, you still can’t re-read a book, which for me has always been kind of problem.

So, there was my missing idea :bulb: :grin: !

But before putting my brain into this, knowing nothing about Coda (what could be done and how), I checked the community and found this topic :

Which helped me to get started :grin: !

Few weeks later (and a tremendous amount of knowledge more), mixing this simple base with the “automated” functionalities of the app’ I used before, I now have another " app’ " where I can track the readings of my books and comics and just enjoy them ! (In my personal doc, the tracker differentiates “Comics” from “Books” and I read the comics in number of issue(s) instead of pages :wink: )
Plus, it allows re-readings too :tada: !

So, I thought it might be useful to someone else :wink:

I tried to explain how it works in the doc as clearly as I could :wink: (which is not easy and that’s why it’s a bit long :blush: ).

Don’t hesitate :wink: : Try it, Test it, explore it, it’s there for that :wink:

Thanks for reading and helping me building this :grin: :tada: !

PS: The other related topics that helped me are :


Thanks for sharing this. Really cool and I liked the way you linked the posts that helped you get here.

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Thank you very much :grin: :blush: !

Building this I often found myself switching between the tracker and the community :wink: .
Either because I got a question or was encountering a tiny problem and each time, I didn’t need to ask simply because the answer or the solution (even partial) was already here :grin:. (The community like Coda itself are both wonderful :grin: ).

So, sharing this tracker, I just thought that if someone would like to use or replicate it (even for a different use), it could be useful to have some “help ready” to understand what’s going on in the formulas :wink: .

I must admit I’m lucky to have a little bit of background in databases so I wasn’t entirely in some unknown territories :wink: . But as Coda have its own peculiar very dynamic/organic way to work leaving so much space for creativity (with buttons, packs and automations, for examples) this was quite new for me so I had to learn and those topics helped more than anything else :wink: and if they helped me, they could help someone else too :wink: .
That’s why I included them in the doc :grin: .

And now that I’m hooked to Coda (it was a very successful “test drive” :grin: ! Congrats to the team for building Coda :tada: ), after building this and actively see what it could do and where it could take me, I’m pretty sure I could “recreate” with Coda some other app’s I use that are great but always only satisfying me at 99% :wink: .

Thank you, again :grin: !

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Dear @Pch,

Nice project :handshake: with a good combination of structure and nice formulas and use of icons to get the doc visual attractive.

Suggestion: if you agree, a good starter template to be added to the templates!


  • It’s a use case scenario that all of us know
  • Showing that the data generated, creates potential to see it from different perspectives
  • Attractive layout with the use of icons
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Thank you very much for your nice comment :grin: ! It is very very much appreciated :grin: !

As for your suggestion :blush: , I’m thinking about it :wink:
(Exploring templates, I discovered very recently it could be done :sweat_smile: (they are some many things to explore here :grin: )

Thank you again :grin: !