Publish feature: add password capability

Would like to have the ability to add a simple password to a published Coda page. I’ve kept the page private, which is great, but wouldn’t mind an extra layer of protection, especially if I wanted to allow editing.


hi @Dana_Armstrong :slightly_smiling_face:
I can suggest 2 way to solve this

  1. Use a cross-doc that contain a list of user that you allow into your doc (this is cool because you can then add other information, like user type, and then changing your doc consequentially)
    You then check if current user is into that list
    It’s fast and more safe, because coda’s login system is secure
    It’s problematic if you have many users, because you have to add those by hand

  2. Create a table with an input field and a .createdby() column, in this way, with a button that create a new row in that table, every user have his own input field where they can write the password
    (That table will have a filter that show only current user’s row)
    This table should be locked, and you’ll need the Team coda plan :frowning:

Let me know if that helps :slight_smile:

P.s. built in password-lock could be also an interesting feature! :grin:

Second this request.

Handy for things like online CV’s or availability checkers where you’d like people to be able to view it without having to have an account but don’t want it openly available for anyone

Can you elaborate on how you see this being effectuated?

A simple password like Wordpress implements for individual pages would be enough. I don’t see the need to make a full authentication system with individual users.

Here’s a screenshot of a passworded Wordpress page.


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Here’s the option in the Wordpress UI, in case helpful:


@Johg_Ananda manually.
Till coda will release a “who can use my doc, maybe paying for it” plugin that allow a precise user management you have to be creative, so just use coda’s power to create apps :slight_smile:
The tool that i would use is cross doc, also Mr. Danyliuk had thought about this concept, he pointed out the downsides in an older post, search for it!

@Dana_Armstrong i know that a simple password would be easy enough, but i’m not a coda developer, i’m a user that in the meantime have found other way to work around current limitation.
You can use one trick or wait indefinitely till someone will add this feature, probably a long time