Button in published doc not working

Is there a way to let people interact with a published Doc on the web without needing to log in to or create a Coda account? In the publishing settings I only found this:

I would like to make something like a suggestions box (similar to this one: Request a pack ), where anyone without an account can add something (i.e. a row) via a button.

Am I missing this setting somewhere? When I publish my Doc, the button is always greyed out when I’m not logged in. :frowning:

Dear @Cornelia_Gamst,

If I understood your question well;
At least the page with the buttons should have the below setting, and you should be good to go:

Dear @Jean_Pierre_Traets Thank you very much for your reply!

So, if I understand you correctly, apart from the Doc setting to publish it, I have to set on each individual page that the interaction is allowed. Is that what you meant?

I will try it. Thank you!

Nope, did not work. The setting was already on full control. And still no one outside my organisation can use the button. :frowning:

Dear @Cornelia_Gamst,

If all pages should be interactive, you can make the settings in one run at the “All pages”


Unfortunately, it seems to be something about the publishing, not the interaction per se. When logged in to our domain / workspace it works fine.

The question is: Is it in general possible to activate an “Add row”-Button for the public, without a Coda account? Because the Request a pack (coda.io) also does not work if not logged in, I just realized. Was that a choice, though? Or can it not be changed?

Dear @Cornelia_Gamst,

The way I understand is that if you want to collect information, you will need to create a form.

Dear @Jean_Pierre_Traets

Thank you for your help!

That is somewhat unfortunate, because we would like to collect some knowledge and in that case it would be helpful for participants to see the already collected entries in a table and only add a row if they have something new to contribute. We might have to go with a Google Sheet then in the end. :frowning:

Dear @Cornelia_Gamst,

Just write somewhere on the canvas “/form” and you will get a basic form with below a table of the submitted results.

Ideal for use cases like yours, where the collected information is available to the stakeholders.

I would like to recommend to check under “Explore” at the right top of your doc canvas and search for Dory - both templates will give you inspiration to collect info from stakeholders, that either can be shared between them or hidden and accessible for the Maker.

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Thanks again @Jean_Pierre_Traets !

I will give it a try with a form and its table below.

I looked up the Dory table. Do you mean this one? Dory question table

That’s exactly what I want to do, but it also uses the “Add row” button, which is the one that is not working in a published Doc for externals, unfortunately. :frowning:

I still can’t get it to work for not signed-in visitors. :frowning:

Dory table and form

Hey @Cornelia_Gamst, this is a common feature request. I’ve written about it and a workaround solution here: Anonymous table row submissions via Coda Form

We do not support anonymous or signed out editing of a doc (reasons included in the published doc) and so you’ll need to create a published form that adds to a table as Jean Pierre suggested.

I’ve written out step-by-step instructions for it. Hope it helps! :blush:


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