Is it true that any published doc not set to 'discoverable by anyone' requires a login?

My memory is that it used to be possible to publish docs that didn’t require login, as long as you didn’t activate ‘earn on this doc’ or require users to be able to edit.

Now I’m finding that regardless of those settings (i.e., read-only docs with earn toggled off) do require login.

It looks to me like every configuration of published doc requires login, unless you add it to the Gallery and make it publicly discoverable.

This basically kills my ability to use Coda with clients for brainstorming and in talks for audience participation etc - I can’t ask them to create accounts, and/or they will be uncomfortable with internal info being publicly discoverable. Is there really no way to make a View or Play doc that’s not discoverable that doesn’t require a login?

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Hi @Margaret_Robertson1 and Welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

I am honestly not sure but I think published docs always required a login in some way :thinking: (with maybe the exception of published forms …)

The “earn with this doc” toggle was to display an invite/modal allowing a visitor to sign up for Coda (if toggled on) at some point on the old referral program (IIRC :thinking: ) which evolved into the Affiliate Program

But I don’t think it was ever permitted to a simple visitor (i.e.: a non-Coda user) to really interact with a published doc (quite a bit in play mode but the changes are not save and forms don’t necessarily require a user to be signed in, I think).

As for the “discoverable by anyone” I don’t think it changes what a non-Coda user can do or not on your doc either…

But I could be wrong as it’s been quite some time since I published anything :innocent:

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