Unlogged users should be able to edit public (edit mode on) docs

Hi, I’m trying to create a public page with instructions to a simple software I created along with a simple form asking for name and e-mail so I can notify people about updates.

So I’ve published a doc in Edit mode with a form in it (I mean inserted via /form , not embedded nor linked). I expected everybody with a link could fill the form, but it turns out one has to log in to fill this form. When I open this page unlogged, it says “Responses won’t be saved because this doc is in play mode” in red below the form and I just can’t type in its fields.

If I’m logged in, I can even choose to edit it anonymously, but that’s not what I expected it to be because I don’t know my public and I don’t want to force people into signing up to coda just so they can fill this form.

I made some more tests and it seems one can’t even click on reaction buttons nor fill table cells when unlogged.

Making the doc discoverable doesn’t seem to affect this.

I know I can embed the form or even put a link to it instead of just inserting it in-page. But I thought it made sense that unlogged users could click buttons and reactions and add rows to tables as described near Edit mode button on Share panel.

Could you make this possible? Or am I doing something wrong?


Hello @CleberSantana, and welcome to the forum.

Your understanding is correct. Even when you publish a doc AND set it to “Edit”, users who are not logged in (ie who do not possess a Coda account), will NOT be able to interact with your doc. This means that buttons, scales, reactions will therefore be disabled.

Much like you stated, accessing the doc “anonymously” is (imo) a misnomer, because you need to be a registered user to do so. Meaning, your interaction will not truly be anonymous (like a unregistered user), but rather hidden away from the view of the doc owner.

That is correct, setting the “discoverable”-toggle does not affect doc’s interactivity, but solely whether your doc can be found via a search engine and the Coda gallery.

I fully agree and share your sentiment.

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Hello @CleberSantana
I too agree with the fact that this is a bit confusing, but most of your issues can be solved. I do think the login for edit mode makes sense, because it prevents, among other things, that some people will hit non-stop your reaction buttons. You might wonder why you need edit mode over shared mode, but edit mode allows you to not having to know upfront who is going to use your doc.
If you feel the login is to cumbersome, you can embed a form (a form can be used by any user), but you won’t be have functional buttons and things like that.
The problem with people being able to edit your doc is overcome with a paid subscription (team), which allows you to setup pages with working buttons and forms, but locked (or unlocked if you so desire) tables and fixed text. Once you become a serious user of Coda it is money well spent.
Greetings, Joost


Hi Joost,
I am currently on Team plan (paid subscription) but still facing a similar issue.

I embedded the form I created without any issues. Users can type their answers in the fields, they can click the submit button and the Form Results table isn’t showing.

However, the published link that I set the Interaction to “Edit” mode is the exact opposite. Users cannot type in the fields, submit button cannot be clicked and the form results table can be viewed by users.

What could be wrong with how I set my form?

Any advise will help. Thanks!

Uhhhh… what can I say if you don’t share something? For me this works, so without a shared doc I can’t tell your what’s wrong.

Im assuming you did not actually embed a form, but rather just have a table viewed as a form.

Embedding is like a little window into an external site that is done by copy/pasting your published forn link into your doc and viewing it as an embed or by using the embed() formula

Here’s the link where I embedded the form:

And here’s the sharing link from Coda itself:

I was able to submit!