Users who aren't signed in can't interact?

Is there any way for non-signed in users to interact with things like controls?

I thought that was possible with the play/edit options, but it doesn’t seem to be.

It doesn’t seem to matter if controls are set to personal or collaborative. Is that just how it is or am I missing something?

I notice that some docs ARE able to be interacted with while not signed in, for example:

I can’t seem to find any settings that are different though. Anyone have any idea?

Hi @Peter_Griffin,

Is the doc published?

If you go to the doc, click the settings cog top right, choose Publish this Doc, then choose Audience & Interaction, is it set to Play as in this screenshot?


All the best


Thanks for the response.

I’ve tried it in both play & edit but to no avail. I must be missing something.

It will need to be edit eventually, as part of the doc will require signing in and saving responses via buttons.

Hi @Peter_Griffin,

Give this a go.

Open Share from the top right.


Ensure it is set so Anyone with the link can view.

Copy the link. In a recent doc I published it comes out as

Now edit the link to include this at the end.


The final link will be:

Try both links and you will see the first is just ViewOnly and the second is Play.

Let me know how you get on.

All the best


Thanks for this!

That link addition gets it to work in play. Is there a URL that can get it to work in edit?

Also… why does this only work by manually inserting a UTM? It doesn’t seem to work otherwise.

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