Share Doc Without Sign In

I am wanting to share a doc with students who I am teaching. I have a main landing page, with links to other pages, with each page being a different lesson. Is there any way to do this without requiring them to create an account? I thought the publish feature might do the trick, but it seems that they are still being prompted to sign in or create an account as soon as they navigate away from the initial landing page of my doc.

Hi there @Kurt_Geisinger :blush: !

I might be wrong but sadly, I don’t think that’s doable :confused: . Even by publishing it.
(I think there already have been requests about this in the “Suggestion Box”).

There seems to be a limit to the published docs you can view when not signed in (I’ve counted 3 the last time I tried this).

But, creating an account is easy and free though :wink: .