Anonymous Editors for Coda Docs?

Similar to Anonymous comments on docs

Now that we have Launched: Publishing with Coda, it may become useful to have anonymous editors contributing to our docs. Google docs has set a precedent for this, but as far as I understand, requires any would-be editors to sign in before editing (even when the doc is published and/or the link is set to “anyone can edit”).

Primary rationale for the implementation of anonymous editors:

  1. People who may be concerned about privacy (eg doc for collecting feedback)
  2. People are too lazy or tech-iliterate to sign in

And many of those people might have had valuable contributions.

Other thoughts?


Coda need new users. didn’t have a large number users, can’t compare with Google docs users.

But some editors want be anonymous.

So I think the better solution is that directly sign up to Coda in publish page, , and then have an anonymous option for editor.

I would encourage the ability to edit docs without sign in as an opt-in option at least. I was hoping to use a quick doc as way for customers to make a reservations or provide feedback. But not many of my customers what to go through a registration process for a completely different product in order to use my reservation sheet/feedback forms.

I guess for these use case I’m back to a google form and having to migrate data over to my coda sheets.

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Major issue for me as well and pretty much a deal breaker going forward.

If users again need to create another account when in fact the only thing I want for them to provide me w/ feedback by a simple click of a button this is not suitable after all…

too bad.