Launched: Publishing with Coda

Hey Juan, we have Views in the Doc Statistics side panel now, do you mean the specific people who viewed?

:newspaper: :newspaper_roll: If you’d like to chat more about publishing, Glenn and I will be hosting a Behind the Building Block session on Friday. We’ll dig into the history of the feature, how the team worked to make it a reality, and answer your questions. Save your spot here.

See you there! :eyes:


Do you plan to make it possible to publish a doc without being listed on the maker’s profile page?

Or having the top nav layout as an option for shared docs?

My use case: I’d like to share a doc with a smaller group using the top nav layout and having the option for them to make limited interactions (e.g. push buttons, add rows)

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Hey Zsolt, we’re still exploring top nav in regular doc. Mostly it’s about scoping how much of the current side nav options we support (e.g. adding new sections/folders, hiding, renaming etc)

On the limited interactions piece that is currently possible via Locking in a regular doc.

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@maria and @Glenn_Jaume is there a way to dynamically show or hide content based on whether a user is logged in? I have made a few attempts and not had any success.

Thread here —> Published Docs: Show or Hide content based on whether user is logged in or not

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How do we set the default opening page of a published doc? I have a section opening which is lower down in the doc navigation but not the first page people should see.

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Hi Glen,

I like this feature but I think Coda is missing a very importante componente (Input Field)

I have published one of my documents in play mode but this does not let the person change the text value that i use to update my formulas.

For me For Coda Docs to Be Apps this is one of the most important features.


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+1 on @Zsolt_Bako’s comment. I’d like to be able to publish—or more specifically, templatize—a document internally.

I guess the only difference between sharing a doc with a team and publishing it for the team is that I’d like a big fat copy button on the upper right. Use case: we have a timesheet that we replicate many times, but it’s got some sensitive data, so I don’t want to put it in the template gallery.

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You’ve reached the daily limit for doc shares open to the world. Please contact support to request additional quota. how do i bypass that

Hi @Ingrid_bega,

Welcome to the community!

You can use the “?” icon at the bottom right corner of any doc to contact our support team about this issue.