Launched: Coda 3.0

Three years ago, we launched Coda 1.0, a new set of building blocks that would allow anyone to make docs as powerful as apps. We followed up soon after with Coda 2.0, adding new building blocks designed for all the teams we saw collaborating in Coda. We simplified common patterns with templates and introduced a customer-friendly pricing model called Maker Billing.

Even though Coda 2.0 brought teams’ workflows closer together, we couldn’t fully realize our vision of the all-in-one doc until we bridged a few more divides, some of which have been entrenched in documents for decades. To truly unite pages with tables, authoring with publishing, and maybe most importantly, our product team with the Coda community, we decided to take the last two years to rebuild our editor and reimagine our Packs ecosystem. And today, all that hard, important work pays off.

We’re excited to announce Coda 3.0: the doc that brings it all together: words, data, teams, and the whole maker community.

Here’s the summary:

A new editor. This complete rewrite unlocks features like (1) customizable page layouts, so you can finally have content side by side. And (2) the ability to bring the endless capabilities of a page into a table row with canvas columns. All built with collaboration and performance in mind.

Page layout

A new Packs ecosystem. We’re inviting anyone to come make Packs that will change how docs look, work, and integrate. You can do it right in your browser with minimal coding necessary.


We’ve also kicked off a series of business investments:

  • A marketplace for both free and paid offerings
  • A revenue-share based affiliate system
  • A Maker Fund to kickstart a thriving ecosystem

Right now we have dozens of Packs, soon we’ll have thousands.

And hundreds of your most requested updates: Everything from dark mode, to custom templates, to reactions. Details matter.

Custom Templates

Feel free to read the full story on the blog. We can’t wait to see what you Coda.


I use a LOT of different low-code and no-code tools in my business and I have to say that the rate at which Coda is evolving and responding to users needs is the BEST in the industry by far!

So congratulations to all the hard-working dedicated Codans for this significant achievement. Developing, launching and evolving such a leading-edge product is a difficult challenge, but the people at Coda do it rapidly and with ingenuity AND seem to be so happy and enjoying their jobs as well (thats the impression I get from all the Codans I have met and interacted with).

We Coda enthusiasts (‘Codians’?) are very critical of the flaws and lacking features and are very vocal here in the community - and thats as it should be. So for once, I would like to put that to one side and express how grateful I am to everyone in Coda and in this community for making something revolutionary and significant.

Well done all.


Big congrats to the Coda team on this release! It’s so cool to witness the pace you’re moving at with the product. It can’t be easy given the complexity of the platform - e.g. figuring out how something like Canvas Columns are going to work with under-the-hood table schemas, interact with formulas, etc.


Nice. I didn’t get to play with the packs beta as much as I would have liked, but I did make a ‘word count’ pack if anyone, like me, wanted a way to formulaically count words in a string.


Congratulations launching Coda 3.0! I’m a bit confused though…

Reading “We’re inviting anyone to come make Packs”, I was expecting to be able (and eager) to check out the Pack Studio. But whether I follow the link from the blog post or navigate to the Packs tab in my workspace, I still only see the option to join the beta.

Is this just a matter of pages not having been updated yet? Or am I misinterpreting the announcement/extent of this launch?


:100: Congratulations to the whole team for delivering such an amazing platform!

Now let’s cross fingers Coda will address next its global audience even more with the mobile experience it deserves and full internationalization :slight_smile:


Hey @Daniel_Baeten ,

I think you can.

Go to the document area (where all your docs are located, choose “packs”:
And then choose 'create a pack":

Greetings, Joost


Hi @joost_mineur, that button still says “join the beta” on my end unfortunately…

But good to know that’s not the case for everyone! That would imply it’s probably a progressive rollout thing, or maybe higher tiers being prioritized (I’m “only” Pro). Guess I just have to be patient :slight_smile:



Hi @Daniel_Baeten,

Thank you for checking out the launch announcement and for the interest in creating your own packs!

This is a launch for packs in the gallery, created by customers in the beta, that can start being used today. Creating your own packs is actually still a beta signup, which you can do by clicking that button in the screenshot you posted.

We’ve been letting folks in from our waitlist and are somewhat limiting the size of it to ensure we can give everyone the support they need to be successful.

Please do sign up so we have you on the list as we’ll be working on adding people soon!

Congratulations Shishir,

Looking forward to getting under the hood on this!

Shame on you @shishir!

Just kidding. Congrats on the milestone!


Hi @BenLee,

Thanks for clearing that up! If I might make a suggestion, maybe the relevant posts could reflect this more accurately. I imagine others could also assume all features mentioned in the announcement are part of the release, unless otherwise specified.

But I’ll be sure to sign up for the beta then. I didn’t really consider myself an appropriate betatester; not a particularly experienced programmer and new to the whole platform. Though I suppose that could actually be an interesting use case :slight_smile:


Here at Coda, everyone is invited! You definitely qualify as a beta tester and I’m excited to see what you build!

I’ll check in with the team and we’ll see if we can patch up some of the text that’s a little misleading, very sorry for the confusion there.

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nice to see! anyway to get bumped into the packs beta? ive been itching to get one for my company to speed up doc development

Yep, just visit your docs list page:

Then click on “Packs” and click the “Join Beta” button.

Thanks to @Daniel_Baeten for the screenshot! :smile:

Is the gallery launch a gradual rollout? Not seeing my packs that for which I have published listings showing up on the gallery (and their listings are not visible to me unless I am signed in to the maker account). Does it have something to do with the authentication against Google accounts?

Very excited to start integrating the features landing in 3.0!

Right I had done that and also requested it a few weeks ago I believe. Just wondering if community members were being given priority or not. Thanks

We’re adding people to the beta in batches, it’s not an instant setup. If you went through the sign up, you’re on the list and we’ll hopefully be getting those invites out soon.

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Hi @loucadufault,

Can you write into support and let them know. Include the links to the packs you have questions about. You can use the “?” button at the bottom right of any doc to start a support ticket.