Launched: Coda 3.0

To celebrate Coda V3.0, I made a Digital Clock out of Coda ‘parts’, just for fun.


We’re adding people to the beta in batches, it’s not an instant setup. If you went through the sign up, you’re on the list and we’ll hopefully be getting those invites out soon.

Looks like Coda forgot that product announcements should reflect alpha releases, not features buried in beta that require sign-up and presumably, additional testing.

The mobile app remains a clunky disorganized mess, which will continue to prevent us from using it at any meaningful scale. It’s unfortunate, because Coda does so many things better than Notion. But Notion has clean organization and website-ish displays perfected - and the mobile app is incredible. As a result, the company wiki, employee handbooks, job applications, etc all live in Notion.

It would be nice to put everything under Coda’s umbrella.

When I saw the announcement of “Coda 3.0” I assumed with enthusiasm that I would finally have what I have been asking for so long: numbers in international format (thousands separated by .), but no.

I can only urge you to please add the option to use the international format for numbers and currency. It’s very important. Without this, I can’t use the data to communicate with my customers and vendors because the format is confusing to them and leads to errors.

Hi @Daniel_Baeten - While we continue to expand the Packs ecosystem, we are requesting Pack makers to apply to have access to the Pack Studio in the product so that we know how/when/if we can provide tailored onboarding and support.

As with a lot of new solutions, we know there are probably some corners we haven’t seen around fully, so we want to be sure to scale access intentionally so that we can provide a superior support experience as well.

So, please do apply for the Beta (fun fact: technically, Coda’s dark mode is still in “beta,” so we do use the term a bit liberally here . . .), and trust that we’re approving new applicants rather quickly. Thanks!

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Thanks for the feedback, Jorge! We continue to explore and invest in ways to make Coda friendlier for a global audience. We recently enabled custom first day of the week (Launched: Choose your own first day of the week), and will continue scoping updates for more international support.

As a heads-up, we do offer custom currency features in tables via the “Currency options” menu:

Screen Capture on 2022-02-25 at 10-32-11

That said, we recognize there is more work to do to support true internationalization for numbers (decimals v. commas, for example) and currency.


Thanks for the reply @Andrew_Stinger . However, the problem is the format regarding the use of the thousands and decimal separator. There are two widespread formats in the world:

Decimal Separator

A) dot for thousands, comma for decimals. This is what we need

B) comma for thousands, period for decimals. The system that you use.

You can assume that it is a minor problem, but the reality is that it makes all the work in Coda unusable by not being able to send anything that I do in Coda to my clients or suppliers because it is confusing to them.

Imagine if you send a list of measurements and prices to a client or supplier in your country but with the comma and period signs in the opposite way. It wouldn’t be a good idea right? That’s the problem

This has been requested several times:

You can find more information on this matter at Decimal separator - Wikipedia

@Andrew_Stinger any update on curreny and date localization … the topics has been out there many years. btw notion has it :stuck_out_tongue: