Launched: Choose your own first day of the week

Let’s face it – no one likes “Mondays”. But what if your Monday isn’t on Monday?

Much of the world doesn’t start calendar weeks on Sunday, so whether your week starts on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday, you now have the option to customize the first day of the week for your docs.

:bulb: Here are some tips to help you get started:

Account settings

Maybe you want all your future docs to reflect the first day of the week for your region. You can update your settings for all your new docs in the New Doc Region Defaults. Click on your account settings in the upper-right hand corner of your screen and scroll down to the New Doc Region Defaults section.

first day of the week account settings.gif

Keep in mind this will not affect your existing docs.

Region settings

To customize the first day of the week in your existing docs, click on the gear icon in the upper-right hand corner of your doc to open doc settings. Click Region and look for the First Day of The Week icon at the bottom of the display panel.

First day of the week region settings.gif

Once you have made the changes, you will see your new first day of the week updated in other areas of your doc, such as date pickers and date controls.

Calendar options

Calendars follow the doc’s first day of the week setting. You can also open Calendar options > Calendar display and look for the First Day of The Week option at the bottom of the display panel to get to the doc setting.

first day of the week calendar options.gif

:lab_coat: Formula tips

  • The Weekday() , WeekNumber() , and DateTimeTruncate(date,"week") formulas now respect the new setting.
  • WeekNumber() always considers the first week of the year to contain Jan 1. Continue to use IsoWeekNumber() for the convention where the first week of the year includes the first Thursday of the year, and the first day of the week is Monday.
  • We’ve also added IsoWeekday() which always considers Monday the first day of the week, regardless of doc setting.

We’ve seen Coda’s community expand internationally and with this expansion comes the importance to align with customs from every region of the world. Stay tuned for more, as we are dedicated to delivering more international features to Coda users across the globe!



Thanks Harry that’s great news, does this mean that there’s also work in progress on choosing the default date format?


@Jonathan_Richardson We’re aware of the feature request there, and it’s on our priority list. We’ll look into it but I cannot promise a date yet.

Frankly, as a non-US citizen, the mm-dd-yyyy format baffled me when I came to the state as well, as with miles, gallons, and many other (almost) US-only measurement.


:clap: :de: :clap: :it: :clap: :fr: :clap: :es: :clap: :estonia: :clap: :uk: :clap:

At last! Amazing news!

Now we just need other date formats and RTL support :slight_smile:


:bulgaria: :clap:

Lovely! :smiley:


Thank you @Harry_Doan and the rest of the Coda software engineers for this amazing update!!!


Yay! So been waiting for this!

Hooray, it’s here! Thank you for this update!

:tunisia: :clap: :cn: :clap: And here’s to default date, time and currency format soon !

:fireworks: Great addition! Thanks for implementing this feature and considering requests from users outside the US. I can only support the ones asking to be able to change default date format.

Omg, please tell me that we’ll be able to write with international number format soon. :pray: (, for decimals) and currencies. I’m waiting for this for a long time in order to use Coda in our organization.

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This one is a real “finally!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Is there a way to change this setting for existing docs?

@Vince_Balsamo I had no problems to apply this setting to my existing docs. Your question suggests that this is not the case with your docs?

Hey Michael,

The documentation above specifically says that the setting will not effect existing docs. That said when testing weekday(today()-1) in my sheet (today is Monday and I changed the setting to Sunday I got 1. However =isoweeknumber(today()-1) returns 3 when I was expecting 4. But maybe my understanding of isoweeknumber is off.


Sorry, so far I’m using this setting just for calendars not for formulas.

To clarify, it doesn’t affect existing docs by default, but you can update the setting for any existing doc. From any doc, click on the Settings gear, then Region, then you can change the setting for the doc.

That setting will affect date pickers, calendars and formulas in the doc.

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hi Vince,

Your observation made me wonder what kind of differences we face so I generated the screenshot as below based on canvas formulas.

The setting of the week does not affect the weekday number logic.

When I use dates in Coda I make sure to use both IsoWeekday() and IsoWeekNumber() to avoid any confusion.

Cheers, Christiaan

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