Formular for current Weeknumber give different value

I use this formular WeekNumber(Today()) to show the current week. There are 2 issue I’m have with this formular:

  • The same formular give me different week on different Coda docs. For today (14 June 2020), the formular give me 25 in one Coda docs and 24 in another.
  • I can not explicitly control when a week will start: on Sunday or Monday. Normally I expect a week will start on Monday but in some application it start on Sunday or it ask user to chose when a week start.

Did anyone have similar issue with WeekNumber()

Dear @Viet_Anh_Hoang,

I recommend to check out this post:

Credits to: @Saul_Garcia

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Thanks @Jean_Pierre_Traets, you have my day. IsoWeekNumber() work great.

I still don’t know why Coda give me different value for the same WeekNumber() formular. I will report if this happen again.

Dear @Viet_Anh_Hoang,

In the USA, the week start day is Sunday.