Weeknumber Issue

Hoping you all may be able to figure out my weeknumber issue. I partner with Amazon and their weeknumbers follow a slightly odd convention where weeks start on Sunday and the first week of the year starts on a Sunday. Below is a screenshot of white my doc spits out for Both ISO and WEEKNUMBER formula’s and what I would like it to say instead (Desired WeekNumber) which I entered in manually. What is the best way to get coda to match the desired result formulaically.


Dear @Vince_Balsamo ,

I think that this post will give you a detailed explanation, thanks to the effort of @Christiaan_Huizer

You can now go into your regional settings and change the starting day of the week in your doc. So if you changed your doc starting day of the week to Monday like Amazon does, then you just need to subtract 1 from every week. Of course week one would be wrong so you could use a simple if statement to fix that If(WeekNumber(thisRow.Date)=1,52 ,WeekNumber(thisRow.Date)-1 )

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