First day of the week Monday/Sunday

I now, this is probably a topic for discussions and a lot of people have different opinions on that, but anyway:

It seems that Coda currently counts Sunday as the first day of a week. You can see it when applying the formula =weekNumber(). According to ISO 8601 Monday is the first day of a week number – Sunday the last.

This starts to be a problem, when you create a calendar like the one in the Betterments Template

My suggestion is to apply the ISO Standard as default and maybe add an option to count Sunday as first day of a week one day.

Current situation:


Workaround for now:

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Yes please! This would be so much better

Omg yes. This is bugging me so much, I also keep setting tasks to be done on sundays etc…

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There is a formula called IsoWeekNumber() that gets the week number starting from monday

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Week starting on Sunday is one of the tiny things that totally break the UX of Coda for me.

But hey, don’t take it from me:

  • Monday is the ISO 8601 standard for start of week
  • Approx 2.5 billion people on earth start their week on Sunday, out of 7.5 billion people in total (a nice world map illustrating all the countries with suffering Coda users)

This is definitely one of those “small issues” that rapidly become a big issue as soon as you start using Coda in angst. The workarounds are useful for formulas, but the breaking point for me is the out-of-the-box date duration control - I would find this super useful for quickly creating reports for “this week”, “last week” etc, except it’s actually totally useless for me because the week starts on the wrong day. Pretty please can we have a global “Week starts on Monday” option?


I also want this option. Weeks start on a Monday in my house


Hey Coda workers

Is here coming something to fix this?

I live in Switzerland. In my country the week starts with Monday, not with a Saturday. I would like to be able to set this up in my profile.
One of the consequences is that if you use an interactive filter on a date and select this week, then you see the week from Sunday to Saturday. This confuses my customers.


Being in the EU myself, I would also like to have the ability to choose the day the week should start at the account level :blush:.
It could also be at the doc level though, depending on the use case scenario. Plus, it’s already possible to change the Timezone at that level.

PS: Sorry for your post, I made a moderation mistake and tried to reversed it afterwards :sweat_smile:.

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I have set my time zone from the first day on. Unfortunatelly, there are no other options as of today.

When I was speaking about the Timezone, what I meant was that the ability to choose between Sunday or Monday could be at that level too, like the Timezone is.
They can be complementary :blush: .

Could be useful for people using Coda internationally :wink: .

The Timezone in the doc, I think, just indicate the general timezone of that doc but no, it won’t change anything concerning the starting day of the week :blush: .

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Yes, his is a good idea to put it at that level. Thank you for explaining this.

You’re welcome :wink: !

Plus one for me. When using the calendar view it really breaks the UI when task that start monday and end sunday, break into the next line. It would be useful to be able to change that.

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Any news here since 2018? Need this option so much. It’s strange that we still can’t change calendar layout


This is definitely one of those bugs that I can’t believe isn’t fixed yet! And yes, it is a bug, because the ISO 8601 standard is for the week to start on Monday, so not giving that as an option is crazy.


Still waiting for this, it’s frustrating to see that this bug is ignored by Coda team


I am really surprised to see that such a powerful software/app like Coda does not look outside the US. It would be worth to add other languages as well.

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