European date formats default option

Please let us have dates in European formats as a setting we can change at the account level, along with when we start our week (Monday). At present when you add a date column it:

  • outputs in the baffling month/day/year format and not day/month/year (or in ISO format for those who prefer that)
  • starts on a Sunday, which I find confusing (why split the weekend?)

I understand it’s the American way, but could there be an option to change the default date and calendar format?


I’d also really benefit from this, it seems like a very unnecessary place to add work for such a time-saving application.

Having to change every date field and every single date reference every time is somewhat unbearable!


Even worse, when syncing on cross-doc it imports the US format and you can’t change it (eg 6/2/2020 makes me think it’s the 6th Feb, not 2nd June). Please at least make ISO 8601 the default!


+10 for this.
same problem when syncing with google sheets


This is essential and an annoying oversight by companies ALL of the time as it generates a huge risk for all countries (ie everywhere that is not the USA).

Having to manually adjust every date field exposes the risk of 01/04/2020, is that January or April that the deliverable was due?

I don’t understand how America got to a middle endian date format in the first place.

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+1 of course ! It’s a long wait for European people

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Not only for Europeans, but for South Americans, and Latin Americans, and the rest of the world outside North America, I believe.

I agree that this is more than a European date, I just used short hand.

Coda, when will you fix this as it’s really, really annoying. I just imported a spreadsheet and it doesn’t understand the dates so ‘translated’ them into US format. Likewise I’ve had to go through and change all the currency columns.

Other posts tend to get a response from Coda, where’s the one here saying that at least it is on their roadmap?

It’s years that we requested better localization but they completely ignore us.
If you’re looking for a tool that does proper time and number format you can check Zenkit, albeit it is more limited in terms of features.