Document Defaults - Making docs setup smooth for other countries

Hallo fellows :wave:

I see much on Coda this days. Row Trigger and Forms are just incredble powerfull, i was waiting this stuff since day 1 using Coda.

But have some troubles that still consume much of my time, in every damn table.
They are Date Formats and Currency.

I really glad with “duplicate columm” command, so I don’t need do this every new columm.
But every new table still requires change this settings.

Probably this is some planned already, the time zone looks to be the first of this kind.

So i just come to enfatise how this change can make every user, that do not use US date/currency, much happier :smiley:

If you, as me, use other currency/date format on your doc, tell me on the comments if this make sense to you.


This has been requested so many times already. I second this all the way.

Also, the 1st day of the week needs to be selectable. The 1st day of the week for most of the world is Monday, not Sunday.