Set default date format for a document

It’s a bit rubbish that you’re forcing everyone into a US centric date format. It’s simple enough to change the format for tables, but then for situations like using a standalone formula simply stating “Today()” there’s nothing I seem to be able to do to get it to output a normal date format.

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@Alexander_MacIntyre Hello, I understand your frustration but I think there will be an adaptation in the not too distant future because I am like you very annoyed by the date format with the Now() formula which does not display in ISO date.

But you have to understand that they are just starting and they are doing their best to meet our expectations.

Compared to other software like Notion, Coda really listens to people and believe me it’s not always like that with the competition.

There is a post with Vote(s) that I invite you to read at this address (European date formats default option )

Hey @Alexander_MacIntyre ,

I understand your frustration and I am pretty sure this problem will be tackled someday.
In the meantime, there are some workarounds. One of the easiest is:
which will output dates like most of the world uses. Instead of today() any other dateformula or reference to a date field will work to. You can use this in column or canvas formulas.

Greetings, Joost



what ??? !!!

there’s a FORMULA for that and i didnt KNOW !
(ok, so the things i dont know about Coda would fill a book).


its not listed because its ‘experimental’, apparently.

but when you type it in full, it suddenly appears but does not explain what the various parameter values are !

so i wrote a button to generate an ‘infinite monkey table’ to try out all possible permutations.

and heres what i found

Date Format Value
1	4/3/2022
2	4/3/22
3	4/3
4	April 3, 2022
5	Apr 3, 2022
6	Apr 3
7	3/4/2022
8	2022-04-03
9	Sun, Apr 3
10	Sun, Apr 3, 2022
11	03/04/2022
12	April 2022
13	Sunday
15	03
16	April
17	2022
18	Apr 2022
Time Format Value
1	4:42:56 PM
2	4:42 PM
3	16:42:56
4	16:42

So you combine the two parameters to get the Date and Time format you desire.

I guess I must have missed the MEMO for this ons !!!

Thanks @joost_mineur for pointing it out


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You are so welcome. If only I had known you didn’t know…
It is indeed undocumented/experimental, but I have been using it for years and I don’t expect it to disappear anytime soon.
Within the undocumented formula the “0” option was not there in the very beginning and that is really a hidden gem - saves so many workarounds and/or long formulas.