Global date formatting option for a doc

We can change our date formatting in the column, but when we refer to that column anywhere else, or we create a dependent-view like a cards view, the date format goes back to MM-DD-YYYY there.

  • For the doc in-line referred dates we can use a cumbersome format() formula to format the date.
  • For the dependent view (e.g. Cards) we have no option to format the date - it is displayed in the default Coda style.
  • When I paste my table to excel, and the date is wrongly formatted (as we use DD.MMM.YYYY). To workaround this, I had to create text columns to format the date column. The original date column is hidden in my display view. I copy paste the display column in excel.

As you see this one setting can make our lives easier in alot of ways. Of course this is not a problem for US residents, but we cannot use it as is.


I have the same issues here.
Also I wish I could format dates using formulas outside tables.
Maybe this way =today().type() or =today.sort()

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