Strange date formats


Hi All,

Hope I can have an answer for my issue. I am using the desktop and mobile version of Coda, so might help with the root casue analysis.

I have a table, where I am storing my financial spendings and incomes. I use a date field. Mainly I add the fields via the drop-down calendar, sometime manually. But in the table they are presented correctly (see on the right side of the below screen). However if I search for a given entry, the date is in different format… (see on the left)


further if I create a bulleted list (you can see below, that I did not formated the date field!), then I also have 2 types of date format. This is messing with my sorting in the below function.


I am really strugling with this - is there a way to fix this? It is not showstopper for me, just a little annoying.

thanks in advance!



Is it possible to sort earlier in the formula (eg: before the FormulaMap)? It’s also helpful to be as specific as possible with your sorts.

[...].Sort(true, [Konyveles Datuma]).FormulaMap([...]

(Change true to false if you want to sort newest first)

International date formatting is not perfect just yet, so perhaps this will improve

Is there a specific reason that you have ‘mai nap’ as a column reference rather than just using Today()?

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