Change date format for in-section formula

I have a section that pulls data from tables to display it in sentence form. I have date columns in my table that are set to display dd/mm/yyyy. But the formula results in my section don’t respect this and they show the dates as mm/dd/yyyy. Is it possible to change the date format in a section formula?

It would be nice if I could have a universal date format setting for the document or even for my user.

This is the formula I’m using:


If the data in your table is already in the date format, i think there is no need for “toDate()”. But if that’s not It, try passing It to text format with “toText()”

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The data in my table is already in date format, but if I use a formula to get the correct date because I’m not in the Pacific Time zone, then it also displays the time (even though my column is formatted to be date only). That’s why I’m using ToDate()

Aaaaah, ok, that makes sense, have you tried making the date a text? With “.toText()”?

Yes, still the same order.

I’ve been facing the same issue. Even if we use “.toText()” it still returns the date as: 3/27/2019

Hi @Andreea_Cri
I got to your post because I looked for a solution to the same problem, the following workaround worked for me:
Format("{1:00}/{2:00}/{3:0000}",day(<Your Date>),Month(<Your Date>),Year(<Your Date>))


That works perfectly, thanks!