Please allow me to set a default Date and time format

To the Coda Team and my dear friends over the pond:

While there is a lot to love about the USA:


This formatting convention really is not one of them. I’m sorry to say it - but in this particular instance, not all cultures are created equal. Some are just inferior.

I do not mind that Coda is an American product, built by Americans in America. And that is why the default date format is what it is. I like America, a lot. But this bizarre date format just isn’t it.

Where I’m from (the rest of the planet) - 1kcal heats 1cm3 of water by 1°C. And our dates are formatted in a similarly logical and less archaic way. We start with the small units of time (most important to humans because they are more relevant to the present moment) before we move on to the bigger units of time:


I would like the ability to choose my own default date format for new columns, so that whenever I create one, my brain does not have to try to comprehend why my computer is all of a sudden telling me there are now 31 months in a year (that no one ever told me about), and only 12 days in every month. It’s an unnecessary cognitive load.

Being able to choose my own default column format would save me the bother of having to hastily change it to something (please, anything!) that I can actually read. A task that invariably leads to me having inconsistent date format choices throughout my entire Doc.

What can I say. The world of dating is very diverse, and there are many pretty formats to choose from. Sometimes I get excited and just choose something that looks good, thinking it’s only a bit of harmless fun. And it is, for a while. But it rarely ends up working out for the long term. I suppose you could say I have commitment issues.

I’m getting old now, and I just want to settle down. I feel like by this time, I should have a consistent, readable date that I can depend on. Just like you privileged folks - building your Docs in your ivory towers, in the land of the free - have now come to expect and (evidently) just take for granted. Sometimes it really feels like you are not even aware of my struggle.

Well I am here to tell YOU, that your total disregard for my date format preference is an affront to MY culture. Perhaps I should raise this with your Diversity and Inclusion Executive? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am willing to compromise. If I wasn’t able to choose my own default setting, I would be equally happy if the one imposed was something more universal like:


That is the most fair. That’s the one the machines like to use. It naturally sorts filenames in ascending order. It’s beautiful, and logical. You could argue that it the most superior date format of all.

Although I do appreciate the need to cater for mere mortals (the No Coders) who are considerably less autistic in nature than the machines and myself. So I agree that the default needs to be something simpler minds can get their head around.

So please…why not let us choose? :slight_smile:


Hi Traderunner

Share your pain… It is raised regularly on the forum. Apparently a full implementation would be difficult to do, but it is on the list.

I could not understand from your post whether you are aware of the existing Date options?

You can change the layout using the options setting on the column header. The settings apply to the table and all of its views. So your European and USA are going to have to make a decision,

What is not available as far as I know, is the ability to set a default for all date columns created on all tables in the doc.



I am aware, yes. I am getting tired of constantly changing them :slight_smile:

This is what I’m after!


Same thing goes for numbers, with dots and commas to separate decimals and thousands.
In portuguese we use dots for thousands and commas to decimals, so whenever I’m importing data or presenting it (say composing a document out of data in a row) I have to perform some RegexReplace to make it readable for brazilians.

I believe these will get their moment to come out, just like the ability to set your default timezone (remember when you had to perform time calculation to shift the hour of everything in Coda?).

But probably would come out faster if it bother the makers of the app as much as it bothers us :joy:


Haha. No I don’t remember that, I am pretty new to coda!

Yeah this reminds me, It would also be really nice if coda had some way of transforming user input with a formula, without having to resort to a whole pack and perform a http request to do things like custom number formats. It’s slow.

A bit like google sheets number formats - which is just a sort of more user friendly regex type thing. But it doesn’t have to just be limited to numbers. It could just be anything you could do with a formula.

But like you say, I’m sure these things are all in the works and will come, eventually!

The date format issue is kinda painful though. I just wanted to beat the drum a bit, and hoped a little bit of humour would help towards the coda team actually taking notice lol

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@TradeRunner I raised this nearly 4 years ago and they’re still ‘working on it’.