Localization for Coda

Hello amazing Coda team and community,

in the moment I use Coda on my own for my German tech blog but soon I may have a co-author who will write product reviews for my site. I’m not sure if she has good English skills. That’s why I suggest translating Coda, maybe even as a community project where everyone can volunteer to translate some parts of Coda (I’d surely do that). But localization is not just about translation, the following things could be improved too:

  • Being able to select a time zone and a language (for the spell checker) per doc or per account
  • Localizing date and number formats (here in Germany it is 29.06.2018 not 06/29/2018 and comma and dot are the other way round when it comes to numbers (2.000,50 instead of 2,000.50)

I don’t want to have to switch to Coda alternatives (with fewer features but higher price, of course) if some co- and guest authors come on board who aren’t able to understand the user interface of this great tool.

Keep up all the great stuff you’re doing. You just launched an awesome new charts system and menu yesterday without even announcing it yet (or I haven’t noticed it for an entire week).



Totally agree with the bulletpoints. :slight_smile: I don’t expect a multilanguage version in a beta status, but I like the idea of just building it together somehow.

I think the date format could be solved very quickly with two more options in the drop down:

  • dd.mm.yyyy
  • dd.mm.

I would love to see that soon :raised_hands:t4:


I’m an American living and working in France. Obviously, English works for me. Just as obviously, there are limits on my ability to share this with my French co-workers. I can deal with the timezone issue though it does look like I have some odd work habits, starting to work in the middle of the night. Just today though I was showing Coda to another teammate who was impressed. Coda is shaping up great (though fix the search bug already where we need to search for the same thing twice). I also have a feeling I’m using 1/1000th of its abilities.


I’m in a similar situation, working in a French speaking environment. I’d love to show Coda to my students but I know for a lot of them the language barrier will prevent them for “catching the Coda bug”. …and I also feel like I’m only using a tiny part of its potential!! :wink:


I’m Czech. I imported a table containing birth dates in format we use in Czechia. Coda unfortunately didn’t recognize that column as dates, and I found no way to tell it I’m using dates in format d. M. yyyy. The user format of data would help greatly.


Would love to see this, too.

I’m also from Germany and we usually have datetime format as DD.MM.YYYY HH:MM (hours are 24h).
I always have to reset the dateformat in Excel before moving data to Coda, urgh.

Entering floating decimals is anoying as well, because its vice-versa for us.

Also there is another thread about this here.


In Europe typically Monday is the first day of the week not Sunday. It would be great if we could set this so the date picker shows Monday to Sunday not Sunday to Saturday please.


I live in Sweden and we use the time format yyyy-mm-dd. We also use a comma instead of a dot when it comesto numbers. Together with the timezone issue these are limitations I hope will be solved soon. Over all I am really impressed with everything coda can offer.


+1 from me to. It’s very hard to use Coda in everyday scenarios in Europe, because moving data in and out of Coda is very difficult, if the localization is not in place. Fx. i have an spreadsheet keeping track of invoices, with the amount formatted as 1.000,00 (as we do in my country). I can import it into Coda, but Coda doesn’t recognize the numbers, so I can’t do any summing or calculations with it. It’s the same with dates, which we write dd-mm-yyyy in Excel for example.


+10 on number and date localization! I think this is much more important than translation and seems to be be a rather easy fix.


I’d also love to see EU localisation.

  • Date Format
  • Start day of week
  • Currency
  • Numerical Format

+1. I’m Japanese, and would like to use Coda with my Japanese colleagues! :tired_face:

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+1. I am Russian. Our standard decimal separator is comma, but we have adapted to use point. However, the beginning of the week is still Monday, and the date format is usually DD.MM.YYYY.


This limatition is stopping my switch from the competition to Coda :frowning: