Further localization of currencies and numbers


As outlined in the linked support article there are already quite a few localizations in place:

But I think a few more settings would make this pretty much perfect.

For numbers:

  • Choose symbol for the 1000-separator. E.g. comma or space.
  • Choose period or comma for decimals (although I realize this probably messes up the whole formula language with dot-operators…)

For currencies, same as above, but also:

  • Choose if the symbol is before or after the number.
  • Choose if there is a space between the symbol and the number.

As an example of what I (egotistically) want to achieve is the formatting for Swedish Crowns. What I can achieve with the available settings is “kr8,740.85” while the standard localization for Sweden is “8 740,84 kr”.


Localization for Coda

Maybe a feature similar to Excel’s custom number formats would solve this :smirk:


@shishir This is still a thing! :slight_smile: I think that @Al_Chen’s suggestion about a custom number format is a good and flexible solution…

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Absolute must have feature!