Further localization of currencies and numbers


We are still waiting for this feature and Notion has already implemented it, not only that, but they have translated the entire interface.

It’s really frustrating that the app I want to stop using (Notion) has implemented the feature we’ve been asking for for so long in the app I want to use (Coda).

Sadly I’m still unable to use Coda because of this and I’m still using Excel and Notion and keeping an eye on Loop

Really huge +1 to implement this!

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We’ve been shying away from building client-facing dashboards in Coda so far because of this …


+1 for this- I believe especially for accounting purposes this is critical for clarity.



this is kind a bummer for an aged request since 2018. Hopefully this will be heard soonest as patch small quality-of-life improvement rather than the recent big-thing feature releases. Hopefully for more inclusion of more currencies (Peso philippine, etc) or custom prefix/suffix field.


When this feature will be available? We can simply configure this into the Settings panel.