Currency Number Format

Hi Coda Team. I am Fariz, from Indonesia. I am new to Coda and everything makes me excited (it’s way better than my previous one) but one thing that get me stucked with, it is the currency number format. In Indonesia we commonly use 1.000.000 instead of 1,000,000. i cannot find any way to replace (,) with (.) even through any alternative way (chrome extension or windows config). I can’t export it to pdf the way i and my client want. Let me know if i am missing something. but if this formatting things isn’t existed yet, i hope you could add such formatting capability soon. thank you for your attention!

Hi @Tech_addict

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Unfortunately Coda is not very strong on international settings. But they are improving, hopefully we will get that soon!


Hi, @Tech_addict . As @Piet_Strydom mentioned, unfortunately you can’t change setting for numbers format in Coda. What you can do is create a view to be used only to export to pdf. It’s a work around that maybe will do the trick for you.

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If your source column (amount) is a valuta column, you can directly convert (for export/print):

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I hope so! thanks @Piet_Strydom :slightly_smiling_face:

i’ll try it! thanks :blush:

that’s helpful, thanks ! :handshake: