More options in 'Doc Settings" for international definitions

Currently, regarding “international definitions” in “doc settings”, we have the “time zone”, which is great.
But, there are a lot more settings that we - users outside the United States - also need, which are:

  • Date Format
  • Time Format
  • Currency Symbol
  • First Day of the Week in Calendars
  • Separator of Thousands and Decimals

Regarding the first 3, it’s important to have all of this at the “doc configuration level”, in order that we don’t have to be always changing this, in every field, in every table.

Regarding the “separator of thousands and decimals”: in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia (maybe a few others), the “dot” is used to separate the decimals and the “comma” is used to separate the thousands. But, in almost every other countries is the opposite. So, we need to be able to configure this at the “doc settings level”, in order that we can see the numbers in a way that makes sense to us.

This suggestions are basically what we can find in Microsoft Windows > Control Panel > Region.
I think that something similar to this would work perfectly for us all and having this solved will turn Coda into a much well prepared “international tool”!

What do you - international users - think about this suggestions?
Are there anything more that I’m missing here?

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