Localization for Coda

It’s possible to convert the format into the kind that you need to display.

What’s the format you need?

If you need something like: dd.mm.yyyy you can do that with a column that has this formula:

Join('.', thisRow.[Date Column].Day(), thisRow.[Date Column].Month(), thisRow.[Date Column].Year())

It might look like this:

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Thanks for your help @Connor_McCormick1. The format we need is dot separator for millars and comma for decimal separation.

The problem is: if we need a number like one hundred point ten it wolud be:

  1. 100.010 (english format)
  2. 100,010 (non english format)

The first option is the only available into coda, and the problem is that everyone in my team, parthers and clients will read this like one hundred thousand ten, wich it a huge problem.

I could divide numbers into before and after separation and then concatenate it but imagine a huge database and then make it ultra big only for this issue. It is not woth the effort, saddly. :cry:

There is no right or wrong way to use number formart but actually most of the planet uses a different format, so it something to consider by Coda team if they want to grow up.

Decimal separator - Wikipedia

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Ahhh… yeah that’s not worth it.

Here’s the only thing I can think of:

thisRow.Number.ToText().RegexReplace(',', '+').RegexReplace('\.', ',').RegexReplace('\+', '.')


In this formula you have to first replace the , with another symbol, in this case I chose +, then you can replace . with ,, and then finally +.

At least you’ll have a way to display the number so that others can read it easily.


Very imaginative @Connor_McCormick1 . Thank you. The problem is, like I said, a huge database with more than 30 colums with this problem and looking up for other tables like this, so, imagine the effort. But I like this “RegexReplace” formula. I did’t know it. Learning something everyday :smiley:

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I’m sure it’s something they’re thinking about : )

Glad you learned something! RegexReplace is super powerful

Hello @Connor_McCormick1

Can you explain why this error occurs?

I guess this would be the solution:


Thank you so much!

Hey there @11177 !

You got it right - you were trying to convert via formula a date into your preferred date format and you selected the “date” as a column type.

The “date” column type will only read currently supported Coda date formats.

So yes - until Coda supports more date formats just select “text” as your column type.

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Ah yeah you’ll have to format it as a text value

Hey there Jorge,

Can you share with us a little bit more about what decimal format you need to see in Coda? Happy to share this feedback with our Product Team.


@Kyleigh_Johnson any update yet? can we expect that feature antime sonn…

We need standard number and date format like in Excel.

Notion has it…

I will continue to relay this to the product team! Let me see if I can nudge for the date options to be expanded. I am guessing the decimal formatting is a bitt trickier at the moment.

@Kyleigh_Johnson will that ever be implemented… it has been a request since 2018!!!

and notion supports that btw…

I develop coda docs sharing data in 9 different languages. I can localize the content, but not the headers. Please support the header localization in the coming releases.

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