[Survey] Coda Community Survey for Teams

Hi, all.

Coda wouldn’t be what it is today without feedback from makers. So we’re asking you to share some today to help us improve the Coda experience. If you have 5 minutes to spare, we invite you to take the survey linked below.

Survey Link



Just submitted mine. :white_check_mark:

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Exciting survey! Seems that the Coda teams will bring a new slate of features :slight_smile:

But just to clarify: is localization considered as customization? Would love to see the option to start weeks on Mondays…



here in europe LOCALISATION is certainly NOT considered as customization. its such a basic requirement, it needs to be fairly automated and NOT alter the behavior of the underlying app at all

best practice is to have a tool that automatically detects all labels, text and instructions, exports them to a database, allowing localisation specialists to provide multilingual alternatives that are then automatically brought back into the product.

as for MONDAY as first day of the week, we are entirely mystified…every app ive ever delivered over the last few decades, shows MONDAY as the start of the week, which is how people run their weeks.

why would it ever be otherwise? but, if it IS needed in some places, lets make it a configurable OPTION

while im on the topic of CONFIGURABLE options…
on EVERY coda page i create, i must select page configuration and click on WIDE screen. otherwise coda squishes my content into the central third of the screen, wasting gobs of precious real-estate. let me tell coda to make ALL my pages WIDE by default… PLEASE

sorry if this is a demi-rant, it might be a pet-peeve of mine. old age perhaps?