Published Docs: Show or Hide content based on whether user is logged in or not

I want to try and make my task tracker a published doc, so third parties can access and use it without all of the access and ability to copy that a ‘shared’ user might have.

Right now when users view their tasks, the view is the task table, filtered to only show tasks that are assigned to them. So when the doc is published, the table shows all tasks.

My first attempts were to try and discern if the user was logged in by checking if(user().email.isblank(). This gives me true when the user is logged in and a false when I view the published doc not logged in. I then prepended to my table filter: If(User().Email.IsBlank(),false , {rest of filter}.

This works when logged in, it hides everything. However in my published doc, everything is still showing. Any ideas on why this isn’t working or another approach?

possible for you to share url to your published doc?