Multi-user doc privacy

Is there a way to make sure that specific rows in a doc’s tables are only seen by their creator?

I know it’s possible to filter tables etc but I’m concerned that this isn’t secure enough if the formula takes a while to load properly. I don’t want to chance people seeing data that isn’t theirs.

Currently, I have a formula thisRow.[Created by]=User()

hi @Emily ,

the approach you follow is the one that is suggested as wel by the coda filters, but as you may have observed a delay can reveal data for seconds not meant to be seen. The alternative is to sync pages per user in their specific documents, then they only see the data meant for them.

this means a main doc and various related docs that are user specific.

In the teams I support, there is always a team doc and we work towards user specific docs as well for this purpose.

Cheers, Christiaan

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I’m curious, do you mean you aim to have a team doc and also a doc for each individual in the team?

I’m trying to create a system with minimal barriers to use, so I’m aiming to simplify and automate onboarding as much as possible. My use case is for a collection of individuals rather than a team.

yes I normally have docs with access for the maker in the team and for example the HR people, this is often sensitive info. Second teams have their team hubs and and third individuals have their own docs (mostly they are editors, so creating pages etc is difficult and a bit against the idea of a digital workspace) in which I show relevant data for them.

the biggest problem is the one you friendly describe, filters are okayish, but not very good to hide data.

i hope this helps, cheers, christiaan