Is it possible to limit someone's access to a particular row in tables?

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I like the ‘Content Library’ template I found in the Gallery, it allows different content pieces to be setup on individual rows in a table, with each row being ‘assigned’ to an owner. My question is, is it possible to limit the viewing of the table so an owner can only see the rows they’ve been assigned too?

Here is a link to the template I’m referring to:

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Search the gallery for Paul Danyliuk’s enhanced cross doc implementation. I believe that will allow something like that.


The User() formula gives you access to the information of the current user. So you can this filter:

thisRow.Email = User().Email

Thank you. I must admit I’m not very skilled at coding (plus I’m new to Coda) so if there is someone that has the skills to do this (paid of course) please reach out to me.

This sounds good. I have just come to coda to build a solution for my clients to manage and update asset information. Seem like it would be more scalable to have one assets table and a table for clients/users and build filtered client pages as opposed to separate docs.

What roadblocks can I expect guys>

If all of the docs are basically the same but with different data, it’s definitely easier to create a single document and use filters. I recommend checking out the canvas column type and selective controls.

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My general advice is to have a single document until you have to split.

There is nowadays typically only one reason to split, and that is to maintain confidentiality. A person that has access to a doc, has access to ALL of the doc.

Same with tables; fewer tables is generally better.

OF COURSE, those are generalisations. So experiment with what works best for you. But I frequently see problems with too many tables, I can not recall a problem with a table being to big. (Either too many rows, or too many columns.)



Thanks for the reply. So is it possible to restrict the user access in a robust way so each person only sees their data. The rows specific to each user are confidential. The users are low tech, so it only has to be reaonsable robust. thanks

Of you only need it to be reasonably robust, Access Tables are going to be your best bet.

I give a full tutorial on their setup here.

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Nice one. I did see your video. Very good! I was snooping for second opinions here, but I’ll give it a go Scott!

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