Disabling Access to tabs on your Coda Doc

I have found how to limit users to “Read Only” access to tabs on our Coda database. I was wondering if there is a way to only allow view access to certain tabs. Currently, a “viewer” can read through all of our doc’s tabs which contains sensitive information. I would like to limit view access to certain tabs as needed for a particular user.

Hi Kelly,

Unfortunately that is not currently possible in Coda. If a person has access to a doc, they have access to all of the doc.

The way around that is to make use of a cross doc pack. (There is a Coda version, and two aftermarket packs with more enhanced functionality.)

This allows you to create a new doc with access to the table, and a subset of records in a table, that they are authorised for. This unfortunately does not apply to pages in a doc, but you can always use the canvas column to get around this limitation to an extent.


Actually, I had a similar need and came across a solution by @Scott_Weir : Access Tables Template

That’s wonderful!!

The packs are coming thick and fast!!


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Wow that really helped, thanks! The only issue I’m seeing with this is that if someone is really interested in accessing hidden data all they would have to do is remove that filter that you have implemented. Not sure if there is much else you can do except possibly locking that page. I’m not sure if that would stop from editing filters or not.