Abilty to restrict acccess pages and databases within a doc

Hi there! Just realized that all my doc’s users have access to all of doc databases via API, despite that pages are hidden for them. I can’t find any way to restrict users to just one page or database. Is it there or not?

Hi @Dmitry_Kuchev1 and welcome to the Coda Community!

At the moment, there is no way to restrict access within a doc.
If you want to restrict access, you have to create and use separate docs.

Additional information:
If you add a user to a doc, he can get all data from the doc, even if you hide the pages. That does not mean he can unhide the hidden pages, but on a security level, he is able to get data, because his browser loads all data from the doc, no matter if it’s hidden or not.

Currently, the only save way to restrict access is by using Cross-doc or other alternatives, like the new sync pages option or the following packs:

Hope that helps.