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Is there a way to have logged-in users view a doc, but not see other users with access to the doc? I would like to provide “playbooks” to my accounting clients, but I don’t want them to see each other. Thanks!

Hey there!

The best way to do this would likely to provide them a published version of your doc to which they do not have to sign in.

This is ideal if you don’t intend those whom you share it with to need to edit the document itself.

Let me know if you have questions!

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Thank you! I was hoping for a logged-in option just because it would be nice to use the row formula to pull a company name for example, so it looks like the doc is customized to each person, but they don’t see all the other users. (make one template, but use it for multiple clients) I guess you could do this with a view, but then you’re creating a separate view for each company so they don’t see other company employees.

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