Launched: Featured doc updates make your Pack more discoverable and easy to use

Featured docs made it easy for makers to discover and get started with your Pack. Today, we’re giving makers even more to explore by adding up to five featured docs to your Pack and elevating one doc to the center of your listing page. Think of this as the doc that showcases why makers should use your Pack and how they can set it up in their doc.

Plus, we’ve added your featured docs to the insert panel, so makers can quickly drag and drop them into any doc. This is perfect for simple templates that help makers get started quickly.

Featured Doc Updates_Making Packs-min

Ready to update your Pack? Here’s how to assign featured docs.

  1. Navigate to your listing in Pack Studio.
  2. Paste the featured doc links in the fields under featured docs. To add another doc, simply click +add another doc.
  3. Decide which doc to elevate on your listing page by clicking the pin icon to the right of the field. The doc will then be front-and-center on your listing page. See how we implemented this with the Salesforce Pack.

For docs that makers will reference as instructions or guides, consider turning off the ability to copy those docs. This will block the featured doc from appearing in the insert panel, preventing makers from accidentally drag and dropping templates that might feel bulky into their doc.

When you’re done, let your makers know what they can look forward to by posting an update in the community, social, and wherever else you communicate with them!