Launched: 3 updates to start faster with Packs

Packs bring your tool stack into your doc, so you can get more done without all of the context switching. But with so many new Packs in the Gallery, it can be tricky to learn, implement, and utilize all their powerful features. That’s where our newest improvements to the Pack ecosystem—featured docs and simplified sync table set-up—come in.

Get a running start with featured docs.

Featured docs let you see the capabilities of a Pack in context. Seeing all that a new Pack can do—and all the ways you can apply it to your workflow—lets you jump right in.

You can find the most helpful docs and templates in each Pack’s listing page (created by the Pack maker), so you never have to start from scratch. Once you add a Pack to your doc, you can drag and drop featured docs from the Insert panel to get a head start.

Featured Doc Updates_Making Packs-min.gif

Ready to try out a featured doc? Explore a few of our favorites: Export Tables Pack (@courtney_milligan1), Linear Pack (@leandro_zubrezki), and the Outlook Mail Pack (@johannes_klampfl).

Sync only what you need for faster docs.

Historically, juggling large batches of linked data made sync tables bulky, confusing, and slow. Pulling the data you needed wasn’t as intuitive as it could be, which led to too much (or too little) information in your table. Our updates to setting up sync tables put the control in your hands.

Before syncing tables that contain many columns, you’ll be prompted to select which specific columns you want to include. Then you’re on your way to quicker syncs, tidier tables, and faster docs.

Column Picker_ Community Post-min.gif

Filter to perfection with the clarified setup panel.

The improved sync table setup panel will automatically open whenever you insert a sync table into your doc. No more blank tables staring back at you; all of the filters will be clear from the get-go, guiding you to pull in your desired data. That ease of control means you won’t pull in thousands of unwanted rows, be stuck working with stale data, or lose track of important information. Filters allow you to select what’s synced and how often the data is refreshed.

Sync Table Set Up_2_Community Post.gif

With a rapidly-growing Pack ecosystem, we want to make it as simple as possible for our makers to implement new Packs that power up your docs. More accessible featured docs and simple sync table setup let you spend less time fiddling with configuration—and more time making.


Is this available for crossdoc? Because I can’t find the option as displayed in this article.

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Love this feature! What is the qualification for “Many Columns” cause I noticed many of my sync tables don’t have this option

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I don’t know where to start :scream:

That’s a great improvement! As a Pack maker sometimes is difficult to define the most important columns to show by default, and in other cases with dynamic data we can’t even choose and we default to show all of them. This change puts the power into the user’s hands and gives better visibility to what’s available. Well done! :muscle:

Another good improvement to the flow, more visibility to the available options, refresh rates, selected account in cases with multiple and no more empty tables with a sync button :raised_hands:


Hey @Marc_Fitt - the column picker and improved setup panel aren’t available in Cross-Doc at this time. You’ll see the improved setup panel appear for all Pack sync tables, and for larger tables with 50 or more columns, the column picker will help you decide which to include.

Hey @Scott_Collier-Weir - great question! Right now, sync tables with 50+ fields will show the column picker. But with that being said, we want to hear from makers when the column picker would be most helpful. What’s the threshold you would like to see the picker appear?

I see, having it to crossdoc will be key. Thanks


I’d let the pack maker decide whether to show that dialog or not :slight_smile:

E.g., in my cross-doc pack I’d like to show that dialog pretty much on any table, or on any table with more than 5 columns really.

It could be a static per-sync-table boolean property, or best — could be a property returned along the schema (i.e. a dynamic one)


I’d take a mix of @Paul_Danyliuk 's request and yours.

Let the pack maker decide, but ALSO make it mandatory over 50+ columns?

Personally, Id rather the number be way lower. Like 10 ideally @Joe_Bauer


@Paul_Danyliuk @Scott_Collier-Weir Thank you for that. I’m bringing this back to the team right now.

I haven’t tested it yet but sounds like this solves for tables with more than 10k rows? Will we be able to cross doc only the rows we need and get the actual rows vs cross doc only bringing in the first 10k rows in the table?

Edit: also cant test, not live on my end yet :confused: but excited to try these out!

@Juan_Rey1 Thanks for your feedback. This should be live for all makers. Let me know if you’re still having trouble and I can help troubleshoot.

The improved sync table setup panel will help you trim down the number of rows in your table, so you’re only viewing the data you want to see. It’s not specifically applicable to tables with 10k+ rows; the panel should appear when you add any sync table to your doc.

Unfortunately, this isn’t available for Cross-doc at this moment but understand how valuable that would be when syncing tables from other docs. I’ve shared your feedback with the team. Thank you again.

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