Launched: New time-saving features to stop context switching

We’re addressing the age-old context-switching problem with a set of updates that keep you in your flow state. No more tab toggling or constantly signing-in to other tools.


Turn data into doing with the Snowflake Pack.

In case you missed it, we recently announced Coda’s strategic partnership with Snowflake, along with our new Snowflake Pack. With the Snowflake Pack, you can seamlessly connect your Snowflake data to your Coda docs, allowing you to analyze, collaborate on, and take action on your data without needing to switch tools. You can easily query your Snowflake data, create interactive charts and tables, and collaborate with your team in real-time.

Create connected docs with the updated Cross-doc Pack.

No need to to go back to the source of a Cross-doc table to add or delete a row—with two-way sync enabled, you can now do so directly from the sync table! This makes it even easier to adopt a “hub and spoke” architecture for your team’s docs instead of one large doc, which can become sluggish or difficult to navigate. By using a series of connected docs, everyone across the org can access and update information, while still having a space customized to their team.

The authentication process for Cross-doc has also been simplified to use a native authentication method instead of API tokens. This makes it easier to see whose sync account is used in a particular table, so troubleshooting any issues is straightforward.

Send updates from your docs with easy messaging.

Needing to jump into another tool like Slack or email to get status updates from stakeholders can eat up valuable time. You could already use Coda to automate this process, and we’ve made it even simpler by bringing the Notify, send Slack message, and send email actions together in one intuitive message builder powered by Compose. You can draft and send your content all from your doc, without writing any formulas. You also won’t need to start over if you choose a different method of sending it.

We’ve got even more exciting updates coming down the pipeline. Check out our latest “What’s new in Coda” video to see these new and upcoming features in action:


I just watched the video. Gosh, I feel like its my birthday!! This update has all my top wish list items – sync doc views without source doc access, editing mode for canvas, simple tables :raised_hands:t4:

You folks are amazing!!!


I am especially waiting for the sync pages without the need for a shared source doc Andrew talked about, I can’t wait to use it!


@tanvir This all looks great. But I still can not use Coda for iphone and do even minimal text editing. I have had a request for over a year now. Why would you worry about editing another program from CODA when your iphone app lacks the most basic functionality. They made one tiny update that got it to almost work but then stopped working on it in Jan.

Why is all these new features so much more important then fixing basic functionality.


I heard single page sharing! The moment I can send a page from a doc without giving access to the entire doc changes coda completely for me.

One suggestion: a signature tool that those I share my single page can click and insert their signature.


Yes! I know it wasn’t gone over in this video, but I signed up for the beta specifically for the Grid feature. I thought it was unusual that Coda didn’t have a Grid setup. I use Coda in a production environment at work, it actually has worked very well on a production/assembly line. I have a couple of TV’s in the building that show each departments results, so it’s nice to have something like a Grid so I can stop using all those callout boxes!

Thanks Coda!

Edit: The only thing I would really love to see is a option to input custom colors!

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I hope the Grid setup will allow calculations in individual cells. Why CODA rocks at lists of data, this would be great for summary pages, like a P/L statement where many values from other tables need to be pulled together. Fingers crossed!

You can do exactly that!. You will run canvas formulas in the grid cells.

Whaaaatttt!!! Oh, I can’t wait!

Hi @tanvir and Codans!

are there plans in the near future for Display editable preview of canvas columns for card and/or kanban view?

it would be very handy and match similar offering of trello


OMG OMGOOMMMGGGG! Single page sharing! I can’t wait! This feature will allow my team to make our project data visible and searchable without risking that the underlying data can get accidentally compromised! (setting up public views with synced tables got really cumbersome and hasn’t been very easy for us to implement reliably). Thanks so much for attending to this feature request. text support sometime soon! Chris

Hi @tanvir

I just listened to the video again, and at about 45 seconds Tuan demo’s the fact that users can “send” changes in the sync table back to the source doc, which I assume implies that the sync user can also NOT SEND, and keep his own data private.

So for example, if I write an “App” to manage recipes, I could create sync pages for people to use, and get updated functionality, without me getting access to their private recipes/ data? If I understand this correctly, this is HUUUUGE.

Is it possible to disable the send button, so that sync page users cannot delete recipes in the source doc?



I was looking for this information but i cant find it? I would definetly love some single page sharing as well!