Sign up for Beta access to…Data from another doc AKA Coda Doc Pack

Some have requested it as “Cross-doc” others as a “Coda Pack”. Whatever you call it we’ve heard the request loud and clear on the need to sync data from one doc into another.

We’re opening up a Beta program to gather feedback on our Coda Doc pack and we’d love to know what you think before we release it to the world.

To sign up just fill in this form.

Team mates will be able to see the tables you sync into your docs but if they would also like to sync tables as well please share this form with them.

Here’s an example of it in action:


Excellent addition! Looking forward to seeing this open to all.

Yeah, I can’t wait to finally use it :slight_smile:

Very excited for the news, thanks @Glenn_Jaume! I’m very curious to see how you guys have decided to approach what I think is one of the biggest next steps in Coda’s development. Exciting!

OMG, a dream that comes true :slight_smile: Waiting to test it and waiting for 2-way sync capabilities :slight_smile:

Oh yes please, yes please, yes please!!! :heart:

This is huge! :smiley:

yes please thank you! :slight_smile:

Fantastic news :tada: :grin: !

Yes! I’ve been looking forward to this day!! I’m in like Flynn!

YAY - excited to try it out!


When will you release this feature?


Hot diggity dog! Finally!

Oh my gosh I’m so excited for this.

@Glenn_Jaume hey thanks for this! can you advise how this shared data will affect the doc size for API limit calculation? Thanks!

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Agreed, 2-way Sync is the real piece I’m hoping for and can’t wait to see this pack get to that functionality, as it appears it’s limited to one way for now, unless I misread the info on the beta sign-up page…

This kind fix everything, I was waiting this feature since I start using Coda.
I so f* happy right now :partying_face:


Great news team! :rocket:
This feature is going to increase engagement of our team using Coda 10x!

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Dear Glenn,

Just a short question: Do you know when the beta testing for the Import from another doc (cross-doc) function will start. I have filled out the information regarding the use case.

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Very excited about this, and same here - filled survey out two days ago, would love to see an update. Currently bottlenecking me, a testament to how awesome this feature is.

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