Sign up for Beta access to…Data from another doc AKA Coda Doc Pack

We’re working hard on finishing up a few last things. It’ll likely be pretty soon, but there’s not a definite ETA pinned down.


Beta access should be enabled now!


Community members. Did the feature meet your expectations?
I didn’t get an invite yet and I’m super excited. If this works, there would only be one additional missing link - mind map…

@Asaf_Moses you’re not alone. Outlining within a Section would be the bees knees. Am I alone here?

So far it looks awesome, with some minor bugs… but that is expected I would say.

I’ve started trying the cross-doc functionality and to be honest it is very rough at the moment. The lookup rows in my synced tables are all giving “Table not found” errors. The synced tables themselves didn’t bring over all the columns on my first import, and I had to re-import the majority of them. And speed performance is very very slow.

Hey Chris, would love to dig into this with you more now (this is the kind of feedback we wanted from the Beta). If you can DM me here or message us on Intercom I can look at your doc with your and understand what’s going on as some of this sounds unusual to me.

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Lets go…
Excited to use this feature

I just did my first sync. While I can’t edit anything, I can create new rows and edit those in my new table. Can you give a little info about what the limits of edits are, how coda thinks about it … is there a way to identify which rows are native/imported and which we can edit?

Please sir


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Hi! Please access me to beta)

Is there a forum we can use to post Beta Suggestions? or do we just Reply here?

I am playing around with syncing and have a few notes, but here does not really seem to be the appropriate forum.

Easiest way is to respond to the message I sent in the product. It’s behind the “?” in the bottom right if you can’t see it.

Hi there, great job have been done. As a beta tester I just received a message that this feature will be release soon. There is any ETD ? Just asking because sync tables in beta docs will stop working when that happens, needing to rework on the great docs this feature made available to design.

It’s launched!!!

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I’m cross-posting since this is specifically about Cross-docs.

I love Coda and have been using it since it first became available in pre-beta. This is a monumental day and congratulations on getting to this point. But how can you not make cross-docs available to users of the pro plan? That’s a deal killer.

Very disappointing, especially as cross-docs is one way to deal with Coda’s mobile app problems (constantly crashing with larger docs).


I would vote : cross-docs should be on “pro plan” not on “team plan”.