Outlining within a Section would be the bees knees. Am I alone here?


I did a search and it seems like no one has suggested having Outlining capability in CODA. I find that surprising, but ok.

I stopped using Workflowy and DynaList and switched to CODA for several reasons. But man do I miss the ability to collect my notes in Outlines.

  • Collapsing Outlines
  • The ability to Focus IN on an outline section and easily moving back out
  • The ability to move entire outline sections with a simple drag and drop
  • Both Workflowy and Dynalinst let you send hare link that takes the person directly to a spcfic section within a outline

Being able to compose Outlines within a Cdoc Section is very appealing to me.

Here is a LOOM I made to illustrate what am talking about:

Q: anyone else hoping for this capability?



I don’t 100% understand what you mean here? Like a table of contents? Or allowing you to minimize H1/H2/H3 sections?



Thank you for alerting me to my post being unclear.

here is A Loom screen recording I created to illustrate what I am talking about:


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That’s very cool and helpful! Thanks for sharing! Didn’t know I wanted that functionality until now :wink:

Being able to reorder lists via drag/drop would be SUPER helpful to have in and of itself.



The combination of Collapsing outline sections and the Focus In feature are game changers for me, especially when using the app in real time during meetings.

ALSO: the ability to create a sharable Link that brings a user back to a specific outline within a doc… very useful!.

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Just another vote for this feature.

I used to use outlines for EVERYTHING. Since moving to shared docs I simply adjusted my expectations.

This would be a fantastic coda feature.

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+1. Another vote for this feature.
I currently use Workflowy for planning and organizing certain projects because of it’s surprisingly intuitive outlining feature, but I would love to switch to Coda.
If I could get comparably solid outlining features here in Coda I suspect I could accomplish a lot more here.



I switched from Workflowy to Dynalist. For a host of reasons. Man do I miss that functionality…

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I agree it would be a great idea to have outlining, and I also think it would obviate a table of contents if it loaded collapsed by default. That is, instead of clicking through a table of contents, you just expand the tree down. To make it really sing, you would want some way to track down a highlighted word in a collapsed section if you search for text on a page. That is, if you search for “increment” in a section and it’s in a collapsed outline item, you should have some kind of indicator point you to the section so you can drill down to find the text.



I greatly miss the outlining functionality that I had with Workflowy, Dynalist, and Notion.so. Is there any chance that this could be on the product backlog? If yes, is there any timeline that someone from Coda can provide?



+1 for me.

Long time Workflowy user. It is still my go-to app for most everything. Coda is replacing some of its use cases, but until it can do a good outline that focuses and collapses, Workflowy will be my staple. Robust outlining is a necessity in a productivity app for me.



Does any Codan here have a feedback about this idea?



Hey guys, this is a feature we’ve thought about building many times and have heard from users as well. It’s definitely on our list of things to do but can’t promise a timeline for this specific feature. I personally would love to see it as well and will push for us to add it!

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