Collapsible sections


It would be really useful if you could have sections that could collapse. Some documents get long but you want them all on the same page. If you could collapse/expand parts of a document it would make it look cleaner but not sacrifice the power of coda.



Unsure about this, but I imagine you could get some increased performance out of not rendering collapsed sections until they’re fetched…


Dear @Shannon_Massingill,

I assume you mean the functionality like in the *.gif above?

@Al_Chen_Coda and or @mallika, do you know if “collapse function” is somehow also possible in the Coda docs? If not, would you add it to the right team to check if it’s implementation is feasible?

Jean Pierre


Yes, this is what I had in mind. With the ability to have sections with other sections similar to Workflowy


Sure we’ve received this request a few times, I’ll log it with our product team!


@Al_Chen_Coda – Any updates on this? I’m hungry to use this feature :stuck_out_tongue: Is there a more specific places to log or vote for suggestions?


Hi @Karl_Li, this is the proper forum! It’s definitely high up on the list and we should have it built soon, but no specific timeline yet. Stay tuned in the community and!


+1 in my side.
This would be the most useful addition to Coda.


+1 yep yep yep!



Yes! If my vote changes anything I’m adding it. In the process of trying to connect Workflowy to Coda through Zapier I discovered Checkvist which is a cool tool, so time well spent! :wink:


PLEASE. This is the one feature is the gap in ALL human information sharing tools. When you share information, it can be provided in many layers of detail, depending on the context, the readers existing knowledge, the time available, etc. Sometimes you need to see the forest, sometimes the trees, sometimes the leaves on a particular branch, and sometimes the whole planet. It incredibly important to allow a user the ability to “zoom in and out” on the level of detail so it explain enough, but is not overwhelming. It’s the crux of flow-state, and efficiency, and learning in general. And even when you need details, you need to know where to fit it in your tree of knowledge, so being able to “zoom out” to see where something fits in the “meta structure” is so powerful for learning. Believe me, this is my life’s work. The human species needs this. I’m REALLY excited about Coda and what it can enable for us and our clients and the world in general, but until you can offer at least collapsible sections, you’re missing a huge chunk of the value you could be providing. It’s surprising how few products offer that.

Thanks for building Coda and godspeed in getting collapsible sections launched!

I’m the CEO of Live Neuron Labs with decades of experience applying behavioral, cognitive, emotional & social science to solve mass-scale social challenges. I think what you’re doing is valuable enough to chat off the clock if you wanted to get a fresh perspective.