Keyboard shortcut for collapsing content

I find myself using the collapse content feature quite a bit, and it’s awesome. I would sure appreciate a keyboard shortcut to collapse content without having to break flow and use themouse.

Another thing that would truly be amazing is have indentation work more like workflowy, where if you outdent a parent, all the children are outdented too. Sometimes I outdent a parent and it completely breaks my mental structure (especially if some collapsibles are collapsed and others aren’t).

Coda is amazing and I’m super excited to keep using it – these two features would make it the perfect extension of my brain.


I am totally in need of a keyboard shortcut for collapsing and expanding as well! I have some VERY big tables (for Coda, at least), and it is very slow to get to the top of the page when a table is expanded because of the need to redraw the screen. If I could quickly collapse all the tables, I could navigate the page much more quickly.

You can try Cmd + Opt + .


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Thanks, @BenLee! Somehow I missed that.

Thanks for the suggestion Ben!

Unfortunately the keyboard shortcut only becomes available after I click on the “collapse content” button first.

Would be awesome if I could use cmd + . to collapse it in the first place as well :slight_smile:

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+1 on being able to initiate collapse from a kb shortcut.

And the reverse – remove collapse with the same kb shortcut.

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