Is there a keyboard shortcut to expand/collapse just one toggle/collapsable list at a time?

Hey folks — recent migrant to Coda here: previously Workflowy poweruser, and reluctant Notion ecosystem inhabitant. The one thing i haven’t been able to replicate/replace in Coda is the ability to expand/collapse specific toggles without touching the mouse

In Workflowy, you just hold command and press “up” to collapse the bullet you’re currently on

In Notion, you hold command and press “enter”

in Coda, i can only expand every toggle in the whole doc at the same time using “option” + “command” + “.”

any help appreciated!

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David, I have the same issue. I used OneNote before.

Codans, can you take a look at how OneNote does this. It has really good controls for expanding to a level etc.

Thank you!

CMD + . I think is what you’re looking for

Dear @David_Booth and @Michael_Skok

You both are right, there is (yet) no dedicated keyboard shortcut for that.

You might consider to put the post under the suggestion category!

The available shortcuts can be found by typing “/shortcut”