Hiding/Expanding content with freature like "toggle-list" from Notion

Hi Coda Team,

a small feature you could implement is something like the “toggle-list” from Notion.

There you get the ability to hide or expand text, lists or other content when you put it in such list.

This can look like this:

Kind regards


Dear @Mario_Kiessling,

Although I can not speak in the name of the Codans:

If I understood correctly, something similar, but even more advanced is under development.

Recommend to have a look on the below webinar:

Crowdcast on locking permissions


Very glad to hear what appears to be some “inside info” about another great feature. I believe Coda has Notion beat in many of these aspects. I for one have been more impressed with the Coda team’s approach to design and user need than Notion, which seems to have stalled of late with development. Using it as a project management tool requires a lot of workarounds, while Coda is workable already, and I have a sense that the Coda team understands the potential of Coda in this use (which is what my team uses Coda for), and will continue to develop features along these lines.

Thanks for the post @Jean_Pierre_Traets!