My Coda Wishlist in Notion

I LOVE Coda.

I use Coda for client\project\task management, following expenses and budgets, and tax report management. Another use: website projects.
I also created and Music and Radio doc for listening choices.

I am running a small Coda wiki and a wishlist in a public workspace in Notion.

Why in Notion?

  1. As much as Coda has superior database features, Notion is a lot better for notes and long-form writing. It’s a shame because Coda is “almost there”, but “no cigar”.
  2. In Coda, published content can be copied in a click, while copying the doc. Content is not protected, so Coda is useless as a publishing tool, even limited as a sharing tool.

Hey Ronen, thanks so much for the detailed list. As a product designer at Coda, I can tell you we take user feedback very seriously. Although it pains me that you used Notion to make your list, I do appreciate the clever way you made your meta point :slight_smile: Hopefully in a few months we’ll clear up some of the gaps and get you to do the next one in Coda.

Here’s a little context on how we typically work at Coda: At any given time we have 5-7 ‘story’ teams working on features. Past stories have included new big features like automations, charting or packs. Others story teams focus on improving existing feature areas such as tables, text editing, commenting etc. On the latter type we typically start by looking at all the user feedback in a given area including feature requests on the community site, requests send via our help chat, user interviews we conduct, and feedback summaries from our Codan’s that work with users on a daily basis and have a real handle on our your needs.

After looking at all the feedback we prioritize and design the the new features in a given story area. So the point is, keep this feedback coming. There’s definitely a couple items on your list that we’re actively working on and a couple more in the near term. If anyone else has a doc with feedback (preferably in Coda) feel free to share. If we haven’t gotten to your feedback, it just means that we haven’t prioritized a story in that feature area yet.


Hey @tjeby

Thanks much for sharing your product workflow!
Very appreciated!

I’m sure you guys had a look here: Community dreamed Coda : add your vision

But… Besides this list, one thing that I cannot stress enough is that when a coda doc grows, it starts being completely useless from the mobile because it takes ~20/30 secs only to load the first page! This time corresponds to years when on mobile and an App should show the first significant content/page in a few seconds!

This is topically achieved with lazy loading and local caching mechanisms…

I use both coda and Notion for different use cases and Notion is far ahead when it comes to startup times from mobile…

I hope you took this into account already…


Anectodally, I find it the other way around. Initially, Coda loads faster and is more responsive on mobile, while Notion takes forever.

For some reason, Notion is getting annoyingly slower on desktop as well, but their hierarchical document structure (workspace) is unmatched at this point.