Coda and Notion as a task management system

I have built up my task management in Notion over the past few weeks. This looks very good.

I happened upon Coda. There are approaches that look very interesting. The database seems to offer more options than Notion.

Has anyone used Notion and Coda as task and project management? And how are the experiences …

In practice as a task management system, is Coda equivalent or better than Notion?


First of all, I used Coda, after use Notion.
and then , I’ve moved most docs from Coda to Notion .
Bcz, Notion is a doc-oriented, all in one knowledge wiki and unlimited hierarchies pages which better than Coda docs. You can use Notion replaced Onenote/Evernote. But Notion have just basic task,basic database(Table) ,no action/automation that weaker than Coda for task/project management.

You can view simple comparison via [Updated]Coda, Notion, Airtable and the future looks like