Coda and Notion as a task management system

I have built up my task management in Notion over the past few weeks. This looks very good.

I happened upon Coda. There are approaches that look very interesting. The database seems to offer more options than Notion.

Has anyone used Notion and Coda as task and project management? And how are the experiences …

In practice as a task management system, is Coda equivalent or better than Notion?


First of all, I used Coda, after use Notion.
and then , I’ve moved most docs from Coda to Notion .
Bcz, Notion is a doc-oriented, all in one knowledge wiki and unlimited hierarchies pages which better than Coda docs. You can use Notion replaced Onenote/Evernote. But Notion have just basic task,basic database(Table) ,no action/automation that weaker than Coda for task/project management.

You can view simple comparison via [Updated]Coda, Notion, Airtable and the future looks like

I use both. A task management system with subtasks works in Notion just like in Coda. You need another table and use the functions Relation/Rollup/Lookup there.

The big difference is the more flexible layout in Notion. Since in Notion even table elements are actually pages, this allows additional nested tables or pages. That does not work in Coda in this way. On the other hand, this is also the big difference between both apps. Notion is more a wiki with simple tables and Coda are tables with a simple wiki :grinning:


Haven’t used Notion much, but @Frank_Arnold’s summary:

is spot on.

The choice ultimately depends on what you need more. Compared to Notion, Coda may still fall behind in visuals and out-of-the-box intuitiveness (although it’s catching up lately — lots of recently launched features seem to be aimed at bringing Coda UX closer to Notion). Butwhen it comes to building custom workflows and custom logic, Coda is unbeatable. The tables and actions concept in Coda is extremely powerful, and you can “code” virtually any logic with it if you know a bunch of patterns and tricks.

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It’s a little easy optimizing wiki (Doc feature) than table feature.

So. I believe Coda 's going to continuous improvement wiki, outline doc feature.

Notion didn’t have button, interactive filter , advanced table and automatic features. and it take much more time , hire professional people to build it.

And I don’t believe Notion will plan those , at least 2020 year.

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It seems to me that the development in Coda is a little faster than in Notion. So the chance that some of the missing (or rather often requested) functions will come is quite high.

When it comes to task management, some elements in Notion are IMO visually better implemented than in Coda. For example you can change the length of the event in the calendar with the mouse (end date) and Notion has also direct support for start and end date in the date attribute. Coda again has the “Duration” attribute which is also supported in the calendar, so you can do your scheduling in Coda different than in Notion.
I use Notion for project planning mainly because it looks better for me (e.g. for boards but also in dark mode) :wink:


Thanks @Frank_Arnold alike ppl, point out about Coda UX and compare with Notion.

I told Coda design team about design taste. My voice is limited influence .

Seem kind a lot of ppl push it , suggest it , request it , and then Coda team will be planned it.

I agree, Notion cards/board display is superior, I hope the product guys will improve it soon.


Great question, @Matthias_Kallweit.
Thanks for the sparkle :wink:
I was a an addicted Notion user for the last year, amazed with it’s flexibility and aching to build the perfect GTD system (for me). Calendar sync were the worse bottleneck for me.
Coda has not just that (which I’m honestly still trying to figure out how it can relate to my GTD table with not just due dates), but I wrote something about it here: