Trying to decide between Notion and Coda. Can you guys help?

I’m really torn between these two.
We’re a very small software company and looking an all-in-one tool to manage the entire business process, company wiki and so on.

I’m evaluating Clickup, Notion and Coda. Clickup looks to be good for bigger teams, good project management and collaboration functions, but lacks on wiki, note taking and data customization so I’m very close to remove it from the list.

I like how Notion and Coda work, however I have a few things that Coda lacks compared to Notion which I really need.

I’m researching this for a month and these 2 things seems to be what’s keeping a lot of people to Notion after looking on reviews, reading discussions and comparisons:

  • multiple columns on a page. I want to create multiple columns of content on a page. I know about the details layout option, but that’s for data, I want to structure the content using columns.
  • ability to add/link a page inside a row. I know you can add a text field and expand it (big cell), but that’s not good enough. I simply want to click a row and be able to easily add rich, non-database content there like Notion does (there are tons of use cases for this). I see people here are recommending a “Canvas” data type…that would be great. Maybe there will be a “page” data type to link pages and we’ll be able to edit the page on the bottom, just above the comments section.

These 2 are the major things. There are a few more not very important and maybe they can be done already and I don’t know how:

  • move sub-page categories anywhere on the page
  • a better Kanban display. The card UI it’s not that good, Clickup does a great job on that.
  • a view/display button to quickly switch between different views (maybe something like interactive filter but to be able to switch views). I used this a lot when testing Clickup and Notion, sometimes seeing the data differently gives you a better overview and I hate creating another page for a new view.
  • create email reminders for specific due dates

Can anyone from the Coda team help me out with this? Are those features in the roadmap?

Thank you


Hey virgil,

You make some great points about where Notion has some benefits, I’d love to see those in Coda too.

What I can say is while Coda might not be able to promise exactly what is and isn’t on the roadmap, I’ve never seen a team iterate as fast as these guys, new improvements are coming constantly and I think that’s really a factor to consider when picking between these for the long term (not to mention the various upsides to Coda too).


Pleeeeeeeeease add my vote for allowing pages inside tables (each row as a page and each page allowing subpages, and then more subpages…). This is the one great upside of Notion over Coda for task management!

As much as I like the design superiority of Notion over Coda, nothing bothers me more than the limitation to brainstorm and dump ideas out inside a task (or even inside a step inside a taks). I do have a “details” column for my GTD table, but it doesn’t give me the confidence I had in Notion. Right now I can’t explore everything Coda has to offer in terms of actions & automations because I can’t overcome this note taking/project specification/information tying/hierarchy/efficiency problem. As a GTD freak I really need this functionality.

Don’t misunderstand me: I’m a Coda lover today as much as (or even more than) I was a Notion lover for the last past year. Coda has just made it’s first bithday and I am truly admired of how fast they’re growing as well as in the right direction!!! Notion has been out there since 2016, growing way slower and learning from their mistakes and users feedbacks. Pretty shortly Coda will be not just much more poweful, but also more delightful to use!



Exactly and I’m seeing this over and over again whenever people try to choose between these 2 … and there are A LOT of people. Coda should add pages inside rows and will blow Notion out of the water for many type of users + multiple columns layout in pages to let people structure their page as they want.

I have my own product and if I saw so many requests all over the place for a certain feature, I would put all my team’s resources into it (highest impact feature). This is not a “would like to have thing” this is a must have.

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You can add a link to a page in a table by using a text field and then adding a hyperlink from the top bar in the field - then you can use the page’s web address as the link

And you can switch between views quickly - there’s a little button next to the table title

Thanks for the reply. This doesn’t solves the issue, it requires multiple clicks to get from one place to another, having an extra column just for references (for each table you want to add some notes you’ll need to add a new column - yikes) and to make sure each time you delete a row, to delete the page as well (or vice-versa)

The notion workflow is so simple, you open a row and dump notes there, no extra column, no reference links.